If you know us, you know we love frenchies, aka French Bulldogs, aka the cutest creatures on earth. Our family has two frenchies, our little prince, Pierre, and our little diva, Eloise. We found the perfect opportunity to express our obsession with our pups through fashion via our individually customized velvet Del Toro flats. We've been crushing on the brand Del Toro for a while now, especially because of their shoes. When we found out we could order customized shoes with our beloved pups on them, we had to do it...couldn't help ourselves. We love showing off our pups any chance we can and we are also very into the trend of customizing, it was a no brainer. Sophie sports Pierre in black flats while Charlotte sports Eloise in red flats. Check out the different looks we chose to wear with our semi #twinnng Del Toro shoes while posin' on a rooftop...



I am beyond obsessed with our frenchies and almost just as obsessed with my Del Toro shoes customized with Pierre's cute little face on them. My flats are black velvet which contrasts really well with Pierre's lighter colored face, making him really pop out. I love these shoes so much and wish that Charlotte and I were the same size foot so that we could swap! These shoes are not only adorable, but they are also super comfortable, I can wear them for hours with zero blisters to be found. I went for a casual look in my Pierre Del Toro shoes, wearing a fun color block bright red Rag & Bone 'Jana' pullover sweater with white sleeves and stripes by the wrist. This red color ended up meshing really well with Char's look - the looks connected via the red color of my sweater and the red velvet on Charlotte's shoes. Finally, I wore my (also) Rag & Bone crop distressed jeans with frayed & flared bottoms, adding some literal flare (haha) to my outfit. Cropped and/or flared jeans are super in right now and I love how my Del Toro outfit came together so easily, with only three simple pieces that were able to create an adorable look!

// Del Toro Customized Dog Velvet Loafer (featuring Pierre)

// Rag & Bone 'Jana' Red Pullover Sweater

// Rag & Bone Distressed Crop Flare Jean




Since we have two adorable French Bulldogs, Pierre and Eloise, we wanted to rock these amazingly cute shoes by Del Toro and share them with all of you. I love Del Toro shoes, for not only are they comfortable and very wearable, but they add a little flair to any outfit and allow you to customize and personalize your look. Del Toro shoes are extremely well made and extremely cute for any season. We are obsessed with our irresistible Frenchie Del Toro shoes, and I just love the red color of mine. The Frenchie images really stand out against the pop of cherry red! For my look I paired the cute Del Toro flats with a pair of grey The Great Skinny Skinny jeans and my “oh so comfortable I want to wear it every day” Enza Costa ribbed sleeveless turtleneck sweater. This turtleneck is an awesome wheat color, which goes with everything, and is the perfect weight for transitional weather. I finished off my look with my Functional faux fur leopard coat which is sadly no longer available but I have linked a very cute leopard trench which is perfect for the weather right now. The trench I linked adds warmth on a chilly spring day (like we have been having) without being too heavy and burdensome! My outfit is cute and simple allowing the Del Toro shoes to be the pop of color and excitement!!

// Del Toro Customized Dog Velvet Loafer (featuring Eloise) 

// The Great Skinny Skinny Jeans

// Enza Costa Ribbed Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater

// Functional Faux Fur Leopard Jacket// featured jacket is no longer available // similar Norma Kamali Mens Bonded Trench Coat linked




Got a puppy that you love and you want the whole world to know it?!? Then get your hands on a pair of your own customized doggy Del Toro shoes just like ours to show your puppy love!! We have a major crush on this brand and love how they portrayed our pups on our shoes. We're lucky that frenchies happen to be super trendy right now, hehe ;) If only they knew. Be sure to check out below & our Shop page to shop our featured looks and to see some other Del Toro shoes that we are also obsessed with! Also, be sure to check out below for a cute & silly pic of our pups, Pierre & Eloise <3