Surprise, surprise! The NYC weather is being very indecisive once again. Almost 60 degrees & sunny one day with big snowstorms the next...we can't keep up! Thank the heavens for transitional outfits during these transitional weather/seasonal periods. Check out how we each sport our own warm, statement coats worn over not-so-warm outfits underneath...providing the perfect look for transitional weather :) Decked out in bright colors, like rainbow & orange, we're dreaming of permanent warmer days to come!!! Check it out...



There are no words to describe how obsessed I am with my Jocelyn 'The Marmalade" multi-colored patchwork coat. I think it is most definitely the most amazing/fun fun coat that has ever been made or worn...definitely the most amazing/fun coat that I own! When I wear this jacket, I feel like I am back in the 70's, and I LOVE It. When out and about in this coat, it definitely sets me apart from the crowd and makes a statement with its bright colored patchwork. This coat is great dressed up or down and it's a piece that know I will have in my closet forever - this coat is timeless, I will never get tired of it. It wasn't hard to figure out what to pair with my beautiful statement piece.

Underneath, I wore a pair of my favorite black denim stretchy skinny jeans, my AGOLDE 'Sophie' black denim skinny jeans (side note: how funny that SOPHIE is the name of this jean type, hehe, they were clearly made for me, LOVE IT!). Next, I wore my comfy & versatile metallic loafers, my go-to Komono 'Vivien' round sunglasses (probably my favorite sunglasses ever), and finally an awesome & edgy black velvet Choked by a Thread choker with metal holes in it, the 'Grommet' velvet choker to top the entire outfit off! I absolutely loved my look!!! - felt like I was a character out of the movie Almost Famous 8-) In my dreams...ha! 

// Jocelyn 'The Marmalade' Multi-Colored Coat // similar DVF multi-colored coat linked

// AGOLDE 'Sophie' Black Denim Skinny Jeans

// Zara Metallic Loafers // featured Zara loafers are no longer available // similar Michael Kors Metallic Pointed Penny Loafers linked

// Komono 'Vivien' Sunglasses

// Choked by a Thread Grommet Velvet Choker



For my statement coat I chose a vibrant orange coat in cozy teddy bear wool by Topshop. I love this coat not only for its amazing color but also for its classic and simple look. It is such a simple coat in theory, but the color is what makes it special, what makes it noticeable and fashionable - it can add style to any outfit it's paired with, Although this coat looks great with any outfit, in today's post, I decided to pair it with a simple underneath look, very similar to Soph's. Underneath my statement coat, I wore a pair of black leather leggings to give my look a more casual feel. 

I love to use a coat as a signature piece because a coat ties together a look and bright colors are fantastic for the transition from cold temps & snow to warmer days full of sun! I finished off my look with my unique & stunning Miu Miu lace up ballet flats. I absolutely adore these and know I will be wearing them a ton throughout the Spring and into the Spring. I love this simple look paired with my bold orange statement coat.

// Topshop Orange Wool Coat // featured Topshop coat is no longer available // similar DVF orange coat linked // another similar J.Crew Collection orange coat linked

// J.Crew Black Leather Leggings

// Miu Miu Lace Up Ballet Flats




There's nothing like your favorite statement coat to get you through those days when you reeeeally want to look cute, but have absolutely no idea what to wear & a very short amount of time to figure it out - ahem, getting ready for hungover weekend brunches with the ladies...or the gents. The good new is, all you need to do is throw on that statement coat, wear a pair of simple black jeans or leggings, your favorite flats, sunglasses (if you're feeling it) & you are GOOD TO GO!!! This simple, yet stylin', look is 100% as must have we transition from Winter into Spring! We're dreaming of rainbows & orange colors on this gloomy, snowy day in NYC.

Be sure to check out below & our Shop page to shop our featured looks and to check out some other {dreamy} statement coats - both solid & printed - that we absolutely love for this season! Wishing everyone a marvelous weekend!! Stay warm!! Xoxo <3