If there is one thing that all true New Yorker’s know, it’s that a warm, cozy jacket for the harsh winter seasons that New York can experience is an absolute MUST HAVE for everyone, no exceptions. It’s not always easy to find a practical, let simultaneously, stylish jacket that meets all the (safety) requirements needed to bare the freezing temperatures that New York’s winter likes to torture us with. It can be a hard choice having to choose between comfort and style! But you shouldn’t have to choose, and you don’t have to, because there are tons and tons of very warm, very comfortable, very NYC winter proof jackets out there that also make fashions statements! Today’s post is dedicated to proof of this exactly as we sport two of our warmest, coziest, most practical, and ALSO most stylish puffer jackets on a frigid icy day in NYC. Why were we outside in the first place? Your answer is as good as ours ;) 



I love being able to look & feel like I am an eskimo from Alaska during the winter time, and I think my silver puffer coat with the furriest and coziest hood does the trick and I feel oh so cozy and warm every time I wear it. The silver color is so fun and wintry to me, especially when it's snowing, this awesome coat makes me feel like I am one with the snowflakes, HA! I went with this silver and black colored theme by wearing a pair of my favorite pants.... my silver star printed black jeans. I finished off this cozy silver & black feel with my also favorite Coach black shearling on black leather urban hiker booties. I cannot tell you how many I compliments I get on these babies when I wear them out. They are the perfect fashionable, yet practical and comfortable shoe to sport in the winter. I loved how my puffer jacket was able to turn an otherwise quite simple all black (with some stars) look into a much less simple outfit, adding a real eye popping experience with that beautiful silver color. Love it. 

// Add Silver Puffer Coat // featured coat is no longer available // similar Marmot silver coat linked // another similar Add puffer coat linked

// Star Printed Black Jeans // featured star jeans are no longer available // similar Stella McCartney star jeans linked // similar Terez denim star printed leggings linked

// Coach Black Urban Hiker Boots



I'm obsessed with my bright red, short and shimmery Duvetica 'Thia' puffer jacket. Even though my coat is much shorter than Soph's, it is just as equally as comfy and provides tons of warmth with its thickness and large hood. I purposely chose to wear a shorter version of a puffer jacket because I wanted to show off my vintage patched jeans and the awesome detailed patches on them. When you're wearing bottoms like these that need to be shown off, and provide the perfect amount of warmth for your legs, then it's easy to sport a shorter puffer coat and still be able to make a statement with your whole outfit. Soph's puffer coat look had a more fluid vibe to it because it followed the black and silver color theme and therefore a longer puffer coat looked great with the outfit's overall aesthetic. I finished off my busy and fun look with a pair of my simple, yet very stylish, Alexander Wang 'Kori' black leather booties with a little knock heel. These adorable booties were the final touch I needed to make my look have the perfect amount of fun, vibrant style mixed with simple style, to create the perfect puffer jacket look! 

// Duvetica Red 'Thia' Puffer Jacket

// Hidden 'The Last Boyfriend' Patched Jeans

// Alexander Wang 'Kori' Black Knock Heel Booties




It's important to find a puffer coat that is the right mix between stylish and practical/comfortable for YOU! If you don't have your hands on one of these fashionable and oh so weather appropriate puffer jackets yet, you must get your hands on one now! We have a feeling that winter is here to stay for a little while longer... Be sure to check out below & on our Shop page to shop our featured look and to check out some other puffer jackets we love this season! Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! Back to reality :) 


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