Introducing #BrandCrush...certain brands have always held a very special place in our hearts...and we want to give them the credit that they deserve and let them know how truly special they are to us. Kicking it off with Rag & Bone <3 Rag & Bone is most definitely one of these special brands, and if they are not already one for you too, we hope they will be! So today's post is solely dedicated for our love of the ON FLEEK brand that is Rag & Bone. 

WHY WE LOVE RAG & BONE: It never goes out of style! It is a reliable brand that promises (and fulfills this promise) of amazing quality and unsurpassed durability, differentiating it from many other brands. As quoted on the Rag & Bone website, "The importance of quality, expert craftsmanship and attention to detail resonated deeply, informing the brand’s core philosophy. With a downtown sensibility, signature clean silhouettes and an inherent integrity, rag & bone continuously redefines urban style." The brand has the ability to create the perfect balance of items that have sophistication yet are extremely wearable and this really appeals to both of our style preferences. While the brand's prices are not always the most affordable, we find that the reasons mentioned above make every item that we own from Rag & Bone entirely worth it and sometimes splurging is a must when it comes to finding the right staple items for your closet - items that you will need forever and that will always be in style. Every single item from Rag & Bone that we own today looks just as good as it did the day we bought it, and that is truly special :) 



Sporting the comfiest of Rag & Bone looks, clad in the most adorably striped navy, red, and grey turtleneck, tucked into these extremely flattering high waisted black skinny jeans with stud details on the side was all I needed to form the perfect Rag & Bone look...which is never a hard thing to do since all of their clothes are amazing - the perfect mixture of practical & stylish at the same time. I finished off my look with these classic Rag & Bone booties...also so comfortable, despite the heel, and I love how the bright white color of these booties add a real pop to my outfit. My outfit was simple to put together, comfortable, yet felt so chic. Loved strutting my stuff in this Rag & Bone look for a casual afternoon just hangin' out in NYC, boppin' around town :) 

// Rag & Bone Rib Striped Turtleneck Sweater

// Rag & Bone 'Dive' Studded Black Skinny Jeans

// Rag & Bone 'Newbury' White Booties // similar Rag & Bone white leather ankle booties linked



I was able to feel super chic while also feeling super low-key in my Rag & Bone look which is, like Soph, something that I truly admire about the aesthetic of the brand. I spiced up my otherwise quite simple look with a beautiful light maroon and white patterned bomber jacket that I bought a few seasons ago and is sadly no longer available :( Proof that Rag & Bone clothes never go out of style and I find myself getting use out of my Rag & Bone items in my wardrobe more than any other brand. Obsessed indeed. I finished off my look with these awesome leather skinny pants, a simple and neutral colored crew neck sweater, and my black Rag & Bone 'Ashby' heeled booties, adding a little height and sophistication to the look. I could wear Rag & Bone every day of the week! Lots of love for this brand <3 

// Rag  & Bone 'Greta' Bomber Jacket // featured jacket is no longer available // similar Rag & Bone 'Manster' Bomber Jacket linked

// Rag & Bone Crew Neck Sweater

// Rag & Bone Leather Skinny Pants

// Rag & Bone 'Ashby' Ankle Boots




 MORAL OF THE STORY: we are obsessed with Rag & Bone!!!!!...always have, always will be :) You should start getting obsessed with it to if you know what's good for ya. Rag & Bone, we absolutely love you!...And every brand deserves to know when they are being "crushed" on by the masses, so we'd love to hear what you guys think!

Send us some of the brands that you’ve been crushing on (lately), or your whole life, via or Contact tab and we will check ‘em out...maybe even dedicate a post to the brands you suggest if we are feeling the same "crushin’ vibes" that you are ;) You can never know about or love too many fashion brands, that’s for sure.

Check out below and our Shop page to shop our featured Rag & Bone looks and other ones that we love. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!! 


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