Topshop is a brand that we have been fans of for as long as we can remember. Not to mention, it is originally a British brand (way more popular in the UK than it is here in the US) and we BOTH studied abroad in London, England when we were in college - this connection we have to London and British fashion makes our love for Topshop that much stronger <3 If you haven't noticed already, the Topshop Autumn 2016 collection (currently in stores) is absolutely amazing. If you have not browsed their stores or website recently, you must get on it immediately! 

We were lucky enough to sport two different head-to-toe looks from this Topshop Autumn 2016 collection for today's post and we decided to put a #twinning twist on our Topshop looks it by wearing the same adorable velvet TOSHOP blossom embroidered boots in two very different ways. See below what outfits we each decided to wear with these perfect-for-the season-boots and why each each went with the looks we went with:)  To check out other current and new Topshop looks visit: Topshop US



I am so obsessed with the Topshop collection that is currently in stores in general, but I am particularly obsessed with the floral embroidery details that are on so many of the gorgeous pieces of the collection currently in stores. That being said, I chose to go for a (mostly) floral embroidered feel for my #twinning Topshop look, wearing the same beautiful TOPSHOP blossom embroidered boots as Char, but with a different look I am in love with these boots and they are the perfect addition to any Autumn wardrobe with their velvet texture and subtle color scheme. While they are the perfect boots for Autumn, they can also work in every season with the floral design. 

Instead of going with a pair of plain jeans like Char, I decided to stick to my floral theme and wore this awesome pair of TOPSHOP Moto floral embroidered mom jeans. These jeans are SO fun and I got several compliments about them from people walking by :) I love the detail of the floral embroidery all along the sides of the jeans and also on the back pockets, even with some beautiful hummingbirds embroidered onto the pants as well - they are so beautifully made! I've also been loving to sport mom jeans lately. To finish my look, I wore a simple, but still edgy (because of the open shoulder detail), black TOPSHOP relaxed cold shoulder top tucked into the floral jeans, so as not to distract from the already busy (with flowers) outfit and also to match with the black color of my boots. Love this Topshop look so, so much and showed it off for the rest of the day by wearing it to brunch with my friends after shooting :) So excited about this season's beautiful collection at Topshop and hope I can make a visit to a store soon again, hehe :D 

// TOPSHOP Blossom Embroidered Boots

// TOPSHOP Moto Floral Embroidered Mom Jeans

// TOPSHOP Relaxed Cold Shoulder Top



I fell in love with the unique details of this gorgeous black & white striped ruffle TOPSHOP sweater the moment I saw it and immediately knew it had to be a part of my #twinning Topshop look with Soph. Since both the sweater - with its stripes and ruffles - and the gorgeous velvet TOPSHOP blossom embroidered boots - with their floral theme - created a lot of different patterns going on in my outfit, I decided to finish off the look with a pair of my favorite simple jeans, my TOPSHOP petite rip mom jeans. These jeans are so comfortable and perfect for my Autumn wardrobe - perfect for all seasons, not just Autumn. I decided to tuck the ruffled sweater into the jeans to give the look a little bit more of a dressed-up, as opposed to casual, feel - going along with my usual feminine/dressed up style. I'm obsessed with this perfect and super stylish Topshop outfit for the season, and just like my sis, also in love with the rest of the current Topshop collection in stores. You gotta check it out!! 

// TOPSHOP Blossom Embroidered Boots

// TOPSHOP Stripe Ruffle Sweater

// TOPSHOP Petite Rip Mom Jeans




Topshop is and always will be one of our favorite brands of all time - the brand fits both our styles in different way and this is something we love about it. It also serves as a great outlet for young girls (around our age) to find amazing quality and extremely fashion pieces at reasonable prices. What an awesome brand all around. WE <3 YOU, TOPSHOP!

Be sure to check out below and our Shop page to shop our featured Topshop looks and to check out some other new Topshop looks that we absolutely love from this season's collection! 


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