If you haven't already noticed, there is this one certain accessory that we are kind of obsessed with - and we've been obsessed with it for quite some time. It would be considered a rare occasion if one and/or both of us was caught NOT wearing this accessory with any given outfit. Wanna guess what this magical accessory we are speaking of could be? Just kidding, we'll tell you....it's the choker. We are both very, very obsessed with chokers. 

That being said...it is about time [and actually long overdue] that we dedicated a post SOLELY to this amazing piece of jewelry. In nothin' but white tops & jeans, we let our chokers 'shine bright like a diamond' & do all of the 'werk, werk, werk, werk, werk'...at the same time. CHOKERS...WE LOVE YOU!  



Chokers!!...Eek!! I love them and have been wearing them quite a lot recently. In today's post, I'm featuring (just a few) of my favorite choker looks. In today's post you'll see Char & me sporting our Yin Yang themed matching sissy chokers (from Etsy) - which I secretly think brings me good luck when I wear it. I treat this choker kinda like a 'friendship bracelet', but as a 'sister choker' instead...when I wear this Yin Yang choker, it's like Char is right there with me! Corny, I know. I love and own chokers from all sorts of brands but my favorite choker brand - BY FAR - is Choked by a Thread. This brand has THE BEST CHOKERS IN THE WORLD, no exaggeration. Please, please, please be sure to check out their website... you won't find any other chokers like 'em!!

That being said, featured today, please find.... my beloved Yin Yang 90's style tight choker (from Etsy // matching with Char), my Choked by a Thread denim choker, my Choked by a Thread red bandana printed choker, my Vanessa Mooney wrap around charm choker, and finally my Osklen dark green textured choker...that I snagged at a sample sale for only $10! I could show you more chokers that I love, but for now, I'll leave you with these five awesome ones :)

// Yin Yang Choker

// Choked by a Thread Denim Choker // similar BaubleBar denim choker linked

// Choked by a Thread Bandana Print Choker 

// Vanessa Mooney Wrap Around Charm Choker // featured choker is no longer available // similar choker linked 

// Osklen Green Textured Choker // featured choker is no longer available // similar choker linked 



My first choker I wore was the matching sissy Yin Yang chokers. Whats great about this choker is its super easy to wear and obviously any Yin Yang accessory is a plus! For my second choker I wore my favorite Choked by a Thread Denim Studded Choker. What I love about this choker is the denim vibe is a bit more causal but with this studded feature you can wear this choker and dress up any outfit. My next three chokers are all Vanessa Mooney... she really has an eye for making these chokers different and so trendy, also her stuff is super affordable! My first choker by her is a Vanessa Mooney Braided Suede Choker which is super thin, earthy toned and looks good with a variety of different outfits. My next choker is a Vanessa Mooney Lace Leather Choker which looks super intricate but is still affordable. This choker can definitely be worn to dress up any outfit because of its detailing. My last one is a Vanessa Mooney Leather Wrap Choker which is super different than a lot of chokers I've seen. The mustard yellow coloring of this choker is so chic and I am very excited to wear this piece in the fall! 

// Yin Yang Choker

// Choked by a Thread Denim Studded Choker

// Vanessa Mooney Braided Suede Choker

// Vanessa Mooney Lace Leather Choker

// Vanessa Mooney Leather Wrap Choker




After reading this post one could say our top two fave choker designers are Choked by a Thread and Vanessa Mooney...but in reality, we really don't have a favorite, there's not much else to say except that we LOVE ALL CHOKERS...and we love them a lot. Be sure to get on track with this trend and check out below & Shop page for our featured chokers and also some other chokers that we love!

Hope everyone had a marvelous weekend & that everyone has a wonderful week ahead <3


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