Going along with the theme of straw items that are essential to the summer, tonight’s post is dedicated to another one of our favorite sun-shielding accessories…not sunglasses, but (mostly straw) summer/beach hats. Check out a few of the different hats we chose to sport on an especially sunny day in the Hamptons…



Summer hats are definitely a necessity to my summer wardrobe, especially when vacationing in somewhere like the Hamptons. Pairing my summer and straw hats with a Nasty Gal neutral toned off the shoulder taupe top tucked into a pair of Frame Denim high waisted 'Soho' flared trousers, I sported three of my favorite head accessories - each different in it's own way, but also each made of straw because, at least for me, summer is the only season when I get to rock, or think it is appropriate, to rock anything straw. I straw hats of all sizes and sport a variety of different shaped and sizes hats in this post. I sport the fun and girly Poupette St. Barth 'ChaCha' hat, giving a really fun look and edge to my outfit. I'm obsessed with the pom pom details of this hat and also the pattern of the straw itself, it's beautiful! One of my favorite hat brands is Eugenia Kim and I prove that in this post by wearing the Eugenia Kim 'Cecily' hat and the Eugenia Kim 'Courtney' hat. I love each of these hats for different reasons. I love the 'Cecily' hat for wide brim that really covers the face and gives a super sophisticated look to any outfit and I love the 'Courtney' hat for it's smaller, more fedora shaped, size to it and a big black ribbon tie that gives the hat a classic and simple look that can be paired with several different outfits for many occasions. Hats are great because each one can serve a different purpose and give a certain edge to an outfit. Bottom line is that hats are a necessity of the summer, and in my opinion, straw ones. 

// Nasty Gal Off the Shoulder Taupe Top 

// Frame Denim 'Soho' Trousers

// Eugenia Kim 'Cecily' Hat // featured hat is no longer available // similar Hat Attack hat linked 

// Poupette St. Barth 'ChaCha' Hat

// Eugenia Kim 'Courtney' Hat



I love hats for summer!!! Not only do they keep us shaded from the sun but they look fabulous with so many different summer outfits. My first hat was a Hat Attack raffia braided brim sunhat. What I love about this hat is that it has a great wide brim that will definitely shade my skin from the sun. I bought this hat before I went to Hawaii for last holiday break and I have found myself reaching for it throughout this summer because I love it so much. My next hat was BRIXTON 'Booker' Raffia Fedora which is a little more structured and has western feel. I absolutely love the mocha color which looks great with all white and a variety of different summer tones. My next look was an amazing customization piece (which we know all I love). This Hats By Olivia custom boater hat I found on Etsy has a classic shape and comes in several different colors and sizes. I love the way my name is sort of hidden unless I tilt my head down and how its written with black sequins giving the brim a little shimmer . My final look was a BRIXTON 'Joanna' straw hat which is a summer staple. I love this hat because it always holds it shapes and looks great for a classic look... but I wouldn't pack it in your suitcase to avoid it getting crushed. 

// Hat Attack Raffia Braided Brim Sunhat

// BRIXTON 'Booker' Raffia Fedora

// Hats By Olivia Custom Boater Hat  // similar hat linked

// BRIXTON 'Joanna' Straw Hat




…We are pleased to introduce, for the first time on our blog, two accessories that work well with any of the outfits we wear. Our beloved French Bulldogs, Pierre & Eloise…also the yin 2 each other’s yang ;) You'll be seeing lots of them. Be sure to check out below & our Shop page to shop our featured looks and for some more adorable summer hats that we love.

other SUMMER hats we love

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