Always a favorite trend of ours, but especially in the Summer, let's talk about all things maxi today. Maxi clothing should be a staple of every girl's closet...all you need is one piece! We sported two different maxi looks in today's post proving that maxi pieces can be worn in different ways, for different occasions, and canaccommodate different personal style preferences (like ours)... check it out... 



I went with a solid maroon colored Toby Heart Ginger x Love Indie dress for my maxi look and there is really not much else to it. This dress is the ultimate proof that maxi dresses can serve for several purposes. I originally got this dress to wear to a black tie charity gala this past, I'm sporting it completely dressed down for an easy and breezy day in the Summer heat. The fact that I originally bought this for such a fancy occasion? I don't feel weird about that at all. Simply pairing the dress with casual sneaks and a messy side bun made the look completely casual and low-key...even with the deep V plunge neck ;) Fun fact: This dress can be worn with two different necklines- 1. the deep V plunge 2. a criss cross cut-out (see the images below and on the Shop page) Clearly I went with option number one - the deep V plunge. 

I love that this dress can be is so versatile in the ways it can be worn and I also absolutely love the leg cutout of this dress, revealing just enough but not too much! Because the dress can look pretty fancy, I knew I had to play my outfit down via my shoe choice so I chose to wear a very casual pair of suede Zara sneakers with chunky soles - making the look as effortless as possible. I was able to feel sexy and casual at the same time in this look due to the intense details of the dress like the neckline and also the backless feature. The best thing about this dress is that all I have to do to transform it from a day dress into a "going out" dress is throw on a pair of heels. That's the true beauty of this maxi piece. Versatile pieces are a very important part of one's closet. 

P.S. This look is another incident where fashion tape was a necessity for my tape is a MUST HAVE.

// Toby Heart Ginger x Love Indie 'Doll' Maxi Dress // similar maxi dress linked

// Zara Chunky Soled Sneakers // featured sneakers are no longer available // similar sneakers linked

// Fashion Tape - A MUST HAVE!!!



Unlike Soph, I went with a flowy, A.L.C maxi floral skirt for my maxi look. On these hot summer days a flowy maxi skirt is the perfect go to. Over my shoulders I threw on this coral IRO leather jacket. This jackets color is so perfect for the summer months! Also since my skirt has a lot of vibrant colors I tried to match the jacket to some of those pops of color. I kept the rest of my look simple adding a cream colored Rag and Bone tank top. My shoes were these Chloe sandals that I got on sale at scoop last year... such a good buy for I find ways to pair these shoes with all sorts of outfits. 

// A.L.C. Maxi Floral Maxi Skirt // featured maxi skirt is unavailable // similar maxi skirt linked

// IRO Leather Jacket

// Rag and Bone Cream Tank Top

// Chloe Sandals // featured sandals are unavailable // similar sandals linked 




When it comes to our opinion, maxi looks like these will never go out of style. We love to sport maxi's all day err'y day :)

Be sure to check our Shop and Looks for Less page to shop our featured look!! Also see below for some other maxi looks we're obsessed it.


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