[DRUMROLL] It's that time of the year we have all been waiting for... Memorial Day Weekend 2016 has now come & gone!!!!... we can finally wear white whenever we want! !!! Woo-hoo!!! - JK, we don't follow this so-called "rule" permitting white after Memorial Day but NEVER after Labor Day. We like the color white way too much to follow that one. Buttttt in honor of the fact that it was Memorial Day yesterday, we decided we'd feature all white errr'ythang looks for tonight's post. Sporting all white is so much fun and makes any outfit look chic no matter whether it's casual or fancy. Now that tomorrow is June 1st, wearing all/any white is considered to be "officially" whoever made this *kinda dumb?* rule ;) ;) Check out the all white looks we chose to sport - now that it's "allowed"...



I wanted my all white look to be a simple, yet a whimsical and elegant(ish) one. To fulfill this feminine, yet casual, look I wore my short sleeve L'Academie white buttoned shirt dress. The dress is silk and midi-length - making it comfortable and light... easy to sport for a variety of occasions. It is versatile and perfect for the summer, especially when you have nothing to wear in the unbearable heat that we may start to experience quite soon. When confronted with unbearable heat, I usually resort to throwing on a light dress just like this one. To make this, so far feminine, look more casual, I wore my white platform Superga sneakers. I love these sneakers for three main reasons- 1. They are comfortable and easy to walk around in...2. They are platformed so they make me look taller than I actually am, always a plus...3. While they are definitely sneakers, they have a less casual feel than your typical flat white sneakers do- the platform adds an edgier and dressier feel to my outfit, while still making it casual. Accessories wise, I decided to wear my favorite Twilight's Fancy thick white choker, my Vita Fede crystal chain spike 'Titan' ring, my Vita Fede 'Solitaire' crystal bracelet, and my oh so cherished white Hermè H cuff bracelet that I got as a gift from my parents when I graduated from college <3 These gold pieces (plus the choker) were the perfect "cherry" on top of my all white look. 

// L'Academie White Shirt Dress // similar L'Academie Striped Shirt Dress

// Superga Platform Sneakers 

// Twilight’s Fancy Wide Choker

// Vita Fede Crystal Chain Spike 'Titan' Ring

// Vita Fede 'Solitaire' Crystal Bracelet 

// Hermès H Cuff Bracelet



I am so happy denim skirts have made a come back - they are so comfortable and you can pair them with anything. I decided to wear my white denim frame skirt. I like how this skirt is a little different than the normal denim skirt with just a button and zipper in the front. I wore my Stone Cold Fox white off the shoulder top, which I am absolutely obsessed with, especially with Summer right around the corner. This off the should trend makes every outfit so chic looking. CHOKERS, CHOKERS, CHOKERS I (& Sophie too) clearly cannot get enough of wearing these amazing neck accessories, since they have been featured and the majority of our posts. On the topic of love for chokers, I'd like to share that I've found this website with the most AMAZING chokers: Choked by a Thread. The choker that I am wearing in this post is not your basic white choker. The fringe detail of the choker make it a different and unique, making a true fashion statement. I whipped out my Del Toro custom flats to finish off my all white ensemble. The monogrammed red letters gave a little pop to my outfit and customization (such as monogramming) is a huge trend in fashion right now- c'mon, who doesn't love personalization when it comes to the items we own? Lastly, I threw a simple white bag over my shoulder - fun fact: while I wore it as a shoulder bag, this bag also serves as a great cross-body bag. With summer approaching, I have a feeling ALL WHITE is here to stay and I could not be more thrilled about it :) 

// Frame Denim Skirt 


// White Choker 

// Del Toro Custom Flats

// White Bag // featured white bag is no longer available // similar white bag linked




Yay for wearing all white! We’re happy the season has finally come and that Summer is so close to finally being here! 

Check out more white looks we love below and visit our Shop page or Looks for Less page at the top of the website to shop our featured look.

Hope everyone had a very HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY and a relaxing weekend. Now go whip out your white wardrobes ;)




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