Ask us what our favorite boots of all time are? The answer is easy - Stuart Weitzman's Highland (and Lowland) boots (sorry to our Valentino booties, we love you very much too, but these ones mightttt just take the cake) Definition of perfection. Why? Because they are practical and can be paired with literally any outfit - can make an outfit look super casual, super chic, super sexy, or even kind of businessy. Not to mention, the fact that they are thigh high can make any girl, no matter how tall or short she may be looks like she has legs for days. P.S. Char is only 5'2! Note: Char and I may be wearing the same boots (in different colors, but still) - and you'll continue to notice that we both own many of the same pieces. It's how we choose to pair these same pieces with various looks that allows our personal flair to come out, emerging in the different outfits that we choose. We don't have much else to say in this post except for that THIGH HIGH BOOTS ARE WHERE IT'S AT!!!!! 

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I wore my beautiful taupe colored Stuart Weitzman Highland boots and paired them with a simple black look and a light jacket. As for my simple black look, I wore my Zara suede buttoned skirt. Had to go with a skirt to show off some of my thigh in these awesome boots. Tucked into my skirt, I wore my black Nasty Gal mesh shirt. To complicate this simplicity in the best way, I finished my look off with my Monika Chiang light pastel blue leather jacket. Sadly, Monika Chiang's brand no longer carries apparel - now only selling adorable shoes. I snagged this fabulous piece a couple years ago at a sample sale!...the jacket originally cost a whopping $900 and guess what?...I got it for $50 (insert emoji with sunglasses here). That is the beauty of sample sales and I sure was a lucky lady to snag this one :)  

// Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots

// Nasty Gal Mesh Shirt // featured Nasty Gal shirt is no longer available // similar shirt linked

// Zara Suede Buttoned Skirt // featured Zara skirt is no longer available // similar skirt linked

// Monika Chiang Leather Jacket // featured Monika Chiang jacket is no longer available // similar jacket linked


I wore my black colored Stuart Weitzman Highland boots…love, love, LOVE these. I paired them with my patchwork denim shift dress from Nasty Gal by a brand called After Party. Since the temps were still chilly (Spring....where are now when I need you??) I wore another one of my go-to turtlenecks. Yes you've seen them before…I'm simply obsessed with black turtlenecks, this one is from Splendid! I finished my look by draping my black Acne bomber jacket over my shoulders.

// Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots

// Patchwork Denim Shift Dress

// Splendid Black Turtleneck

// Acne Bomber Jacket // featured Acne jacket is no longer available // similar jacket linked

See below to shop our look, to shop our look for less, and also to check out some other Stuart Weitzman styles that we love this season!!! Until next time.....



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