Part of the fun of the Spring season is that you get to wear fun and flirty prints. For our featured look, we went with two of our favorited prints- flowers + stars. Floral and other fun prints are usually a common trend in the Spring, especially because they are usually quite colorful, and a tell tale sign that Summer is around the corner. Check out how we paired our striking prints with solid pieces while chillin' on a bridge in Central Park. 

NYC Fashion Blogger Sisters in Central Park Sophie and Charlotte Bickley


I went with a floral pattern for my printed look. There is nothing more that I love than an easy, breezy casual and comfortable dress to sport in warm weather. This Zara long-sleeve floral dress is all the above. So many things in life are complicated...and I love simplicity - especially simplicity when it comes to my outfits! With the intricate design and busy print of my dress, I did not need much else to complete my outfit. All I had to do to finish off my floral look was to throw on my beautiful dark red Louis Vuitton boots with a light pink rubber heel. The dark red color of these boots in contrast with the floral print of my dress gave my look a serious edge. The fact that my boots are heeled gave the outfit an element of elegance and femininity. Good news is that these boots are super comfortable and very easy to walk in...they did not complicate. Bottom line: Love prints. Love floral. Love simplicity. & lastly - LOVE this look! 

Zara Long-Sleeve Floral Dress // featured Zara dress is no longer available // similar dress linked

Louis Vuitton Heeled Booties // featured Louis Vuitton boots no longer available // similar heeled boots linked


I went with a hint of a stars for my printed look. I am absolutely obsessed with my Stella McCartney Starred Platform Shoes… I saw them on Kendall Jenner earlier this fall and knew they HAD to be a part of my wardrobe. Even though they have the starry design on them, they are very easy to pair with an outfit and their platform wedge gives me extra height- much needed for a shorty like me! I kept the rest of my outfit simple pairing my shoes with an oversized sweater and a pleated mid-length skirt. This By Malene Birger sweater has been another fave of my wardrobe as. Although it looks very chunky, it is actually quite light and it's loose fit is perfect to sport in the Spring season and weather like we have been experiencing. I kept the bottom half of my outfit simple, wearing a Topshop pleated neutral toned skirt. To finish the look, I threw on my go-to oversized Stella McCartney sunglasses. They always give just the right amount of attitude to my outfits ;) 

// Stella McCartney Starred Platform Shoes

// By Malene Birger Sweater 

// Top Shop Pleated Skirt // featured Top Shop skirt is no longer available // similar skirt linked 

// Stella McCartney Sunglasses // featured Stella McCartney Sunglasses are no longer available // similar sunglasses linked 


Printed patterns are fun and cool to sport no matter what the season, the occasion, OR the item/accessory of clothing being worn. Check out some other printed looks we love below and don't forget to visit our Shop Page and Looks for Less Page to shop our featured look(s)...Happy Tuesday to all!!


Star prints we love 


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