We can all agree that New York's weather this year has been wacky to say the least. From the massive blizzard Jonas to a holiday season with temperatures in the 60’s (or higher), it has been a struggle to figure out how to dress fashionably, yet appropriately, day to day.

Since Spring has technically sprung, we are ready for a closet switch's about time that we get to rock our Spring apparel!! But with the alarmingly low temperatures that we were still experiencing last week, we want to share one last wintry look with you - hopefully one to kiss winter goodbye! 

Sophie and Charlotte on Rocks Winter.jpg

Sophie’s LoOK:

Comfort and warmth are the most important things to me while deciding what to where when it's cold outside – while always trying to look stylish at the same time (duh). Although this winter was not the best, winter has always been one of my favorite seasons - and I LOVE the style options that come along with winter weather.

Have you heard of the extremely talented artist Gary Baseman…? Better yet, have you heard about the absolutely amazing collaboration he did with Coach last year!? Well, if you haven’t you gotta check him out! In his collaboration with Coach, Gary Baseman brought his illustrations to life by creating a series of friendly “creatures” that he put on various pieces of Coach accessories and apparel – one of these pieces being the Coach x Gary Baseman sweater that I am sporting in this post. I guess you could say I really like monsters and creatures? [recall the heart monster/creature on my sneaks from our last post, ha] Anyway, this warm and fuzzy sweater is a fun and eccentric piece so I matched it with a pair of my staple J Brand jeans, making the sweater the main focus of my outfit. To add a little more flair (and to keep my feet warm, hehe) I decided to wear my Coach shearling-trim biker boots - a must have for any winter season. They are not only cozy but look super cool too, making any winter outfit stylish - no matter how casual it may be. I finished my look with one of the BEST jackets residing in my closet - my elegant, yet versatile, Diane Von Furstenberg black wool coat. This coat is classically stylish and surprisingly warm, with beautiful details like leather cuffs and a furry collar. To shield my eyes from the brightness of the snow, I threw on my go-to Wildfox Steff mirror sunglasses. Brace yourselves - you'll be seeing a lot more of these glasses because I am absolutely OBSESSED with them...and may or may not have them in multiple colors...

P.S. Sadly the Coach x Gary Baseman collaboration is over, meaning my featured sweater is no longer available :(  No need to fret!! - Check out the very similar Coach Dinosaur sweater that is in Coach stores right now!!! Get it while ya can because from the looks of the website it's selling out fast! 

// Coach x Gary Baseman Sweater // featured Coach x Gary Baseman Sweater is no longer available 

// Coach Dinosaur Sweater // similar to featured Coach x Gary Baseman sweater

// J Brand Jeans

// Coach Shearling-Trim Biker Boots

// Black Wool Coat  // featured DVF coat is no longer available // similar coat linked

// Wildfox Steff Mirror Sunglasses

Sophie Closeup Winter.jpg
Coach X Gary Baseman Sweater.jpg
Coach Shearling-Trim Biker Boots.jpg

Charlotte’s LooK:

Like Soph, I too strive to be comfortable, yet warm, when dressing myself in the winter. For my featured look, I chose to wear my Alexander Wang parka to keep me warm. I think I probably would've been too cold dressing in just a wool coat - like Soph did - but, unlike me, she loves the cold! I especially adore my Alexander Wang coat for it's beautiful and delicate metallic details.  Without these details, the coat would be just another black parkas are great and always super cozy, but the details of this coat make it special- they make a statement to my otherwise statement-less winter outfit. I wore my go-to The Reformation cashmere turtleneck with my grey J Brand skinny jeans and just let my coat do the talking! Knowing the conditions outside were rough, I chose my Sorel boots, which we all know are ideal and practical for winter conditions - who knew they could look so cute at the same time? - they can!'s all about the items you choose to pair them with. Lastly - remember when Cara Delevingne did a collection for DKNY? To add a little more swag to my outfit, I chose a hat from that collection to keep my head nice and warm- and to represent my love for Cara of course. To complete my look, I threw on a pair of my Ray-Ban sunglasses, can't go wrong with Ray-Ban. 

// Black Parka // featured Alexander Wang parka is no longer available // similar parka linked

// The Reformation Turtleneck 

// J Brand Skinny Jeans

// Sorel Boots

// Cara Delevingne for DKNY Hat

// Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Charlotte Close Up Winter.JPG
Sorel Boots.jpg

To wrap it up... we all know the winter can be a challenging time to find stylish outfits without feeling limited to boring looks and drowning layers. Hopefully we won't have to worry about this issue again until next year...

...Considering the fact that it’s April, let's hope we can finally say peace out to our winter wardrobes and kiss winter 2016 goodbye once and for all! 


Sophie and Charlotte Smiling Winter.jpg
Sophie and Charlotte Walking Winter.jpg

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