It's safe to say that most New Yorkers know the following fact... when you're ready to shop 'till ya drop...Madison Avenue is where it's at! We decided to hit up some of our fave boutiques and enjoy the gorgeous NYC weather while wandering up and down the Madison Ave this past weekend. Sporting all black looks, once again, we proudly strutted down the streets rocking our gorgeous - potentially head turning? - statement Valentino boots for an perfect day of shopping, sisterly bonding, and enjoying this city we love oh so much.

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These boots are made for walking (obvs)... but also made for talking (in a fashion statement typa way)...here's how we decided to differentiate our all black looks while letting the boots speak for themselves!


When Char and I decided to rock our Valentino boots on the same day, I knew I had to wear an all blacked out outfit. While Char chose the black flowery Valentino boots, I went with the colorful Valentino striped boots - the stripes make them pretty impossible to pair with anything but solid colors without "clashing", which I am totally sometimes with sometimes, btw - but with this look, I decided not to clash. The solid color I chose?...black. Since this past weekend was still a tad chilly in NYC I wore my black Zara turtleneck sweater, a light Zara coat, and my Paige 'Edgemont' silk coated skinny jeans. FYI - when it comes to denim, Paige is my absolutely FAVORITE brand. I especially love the brand's 'Edgemont' skinny jeans, which they sell in multiple colors and textures. The zippers on the top of this 'Edgemont' style of Paige jeans makes them different from any other skinny jean I own and they fit absolutely perfectly...obsessed. With this all black look, I didn't need much else, and let my coveted boots do the talking. 

// Valentino Striped Boots

// Zara Turtleneck Sweater // featured Zara sweater is no longer available // similar Zara sweater linked

// Zara Biker Coat

// Paige 'Edgemont' Silk Coated Skinny Jeans


As Soph mentioned, instead of the striped Valentino boots, I went with the black floral printed Valentino boots - while these boots can be worn with a variety of different looks, for our day on Madison Ave, I decided to make my boots stand out by wearing an all black dress and leather jacket *Oops, we're matching!* I wore my Nasty Gal Kozmic ribbed knit maxi dress - with a flared bottom and an open back, giving it an attitude of its own. Then I threw on one of my go-to Helmut Lang leather jackets. Final piece of my outfit!?...these FANTASTIC boots! What can I say...their unique floral design, and chunky comfortable heel make them a prized possession of my closet. It's not everyday that you find a fashionable heeled boot that is also so comfortable. These gems can be dressed up or down, with jeans, or a flirty skirt or dress. Whatever it may be, these boots can make any look - and they do all the talking!! 100%!! 

// Valentino Floral Printed Boots

// Nasty Gal Kozmic Ribbed Knit Maxi Dress

// Helmut Lang Leather Jacket // featured Helmut Lang jacket is no longer available // similar jacket linked

NYC Street Style Valentino Boots
NYC Style Sister Bloggers Madison Avenue
NYC Style Sister Bloggers Valentino Boots Madison Avenue
Sisters Walking on Madison Avenue NYC Fashion Bloggers

Moral of the this Madison Avenue story? 

- Every girl needs statement piece in their closet (in this case statement boots!)

- Every girl needs some staple pieces in their closet that can be worn with multiple looks - note: we’ve been sporting many of our 'staple' pieces in this post and our last ones.

Check out below to shop our featured look, to shop this look for less, and to check out some statement boots that we love!!! 


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