While still waiting for the warmer temperatures to kick in permanently, it’s not always easy to find stylish pieces that (simultaneously) work as transitional looks. If you didn’t already know, one of the most popular trends of current Resort 2016 (and future Fall 2016) are patterned, patched, and colorful furs- especially affordable faux furs. In the words of Women’s Wear Daily (aka WWD), when speaking about Resort 2016 runway trends... “It’s not your grandmother’s coat. Resort’s most notable furs channeled a fun, young vibe via novelty cuts and vibrant palettes.” (quote taken from WWD article by Mayte Allende, published on July 2, 2015)... We couldn’t agree more and are LOVING this current trend! Pairing these fun n' furry pieces with simple and casual looks, like we do in this post, make this time of “style limbo” (if you will) an interesting and exciting one, as opposed to a confusing and awkward, we all know, some transitioning times can be.

Sophie and Charlotte Side Angle on Steps


This season, some designers have decided to used a variety of hues for their furry pieces- while others have decided to keep it simple and stick with one standout color. Whether the piece patterned or solid, short or long, over-sized or fitted, we are 100% obsessed with this current trend and hope it’s here to stay for a while :) :)   


I love me a faux fur jacket and I love me a maxi dress…that being said, my featured look was a simple one for me to put together. Instead of going with a patterned or multi-colored piece (which, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love), I decided to go with my fitted and teal colored short faux fur coat. This coat works for all seasons and can be dressed up or dressed casually. As temperatures are starting to slightly warm up, I decided to pair my coat with an airy, and very comfortable, sheer black maxi dress - with buttons up the front and long leg slits on the side, giving it some serious edge and adding a feminine kick to my outfit. As to not have my legs be too exposed, I wore my favorite black Commando tights underneath the dress but P.S- with it’s side slits and sheerness, this dress works as a great cover-up in the summer or for a vacation- proving that it is a true transitional piece that can be worn with multiple looks in various seasons. I might even bring it as a potential cover-up for my trip to Miami next weekend! 

Pairing a dress with fur can leave one with a “fancy” feel, so to make my vibe a casual one, I played it down by wearing my star-studded Saint Laurent sneaks that I adore with all my heart – because, um, how can you not!? The black and white star pattern on these kicks make up for the fact that the rest of my outfit is essentially pattern-less. Lastly, I added my fave Wildfox Steff sunglasses and a black choker to my look…the choker being another stellar trend of this season - trust me, it is a MUST HAVE.

Side note: Black tights are black tights, you can get them at CVS for $5 or less- but if you’re a “tights person” (like me) and haven’t heard of Commando tights, you have got to check these out!!!! They really “suck it all in”...if you know what I mean ;) I LOVE THEM!

…and while on the topic of tights, one of my pet peeves= when my tights rip (especially at work)...

...So a little birdie once told me, to avoid any ripping, put your tights in the freezer directly after buying them and before wearing them...HOW GENIUS!? So far, this trick has worked for me, you should try it….Thanks lil’ birdie!

// Short Faux Fur Coat

// Sheer Black Maxi Dress

// Commando Tights

// Saint Laurent Star Sneakers 

// Wildfox Steff Sunglasses

// Black Choker


Since, to me, the weather has still felt quite chilly, and I always strive to be warm (because I’m always freezing), I grabbed my elegant, and adorably patterned, Yves Salomon Hooded Coat with grey mélange tiers. With this busy coat, I really didn’t need much more to complete my outfit so I paired it with my basic black Vince trousers and my white Rag & Bone classic t-shirt - two staple items in my closet! 

I finished my look with my ABSOLUTE favorite white Common Projects Velcro sneakers- which like Sophie’s Wildfox Steff sunglasses, you’ll be seeing a lot of…on both of us, actually...because we are both in love with these. The look of these sneakers is different and fresh with the Velcro addition - sort of reminding me of the sneakers I wore when I was a kid - this only adds to their coolness by making them kind of retro and vintage-like. Without the Velcro aspect, these sneakers would be just like any others, providing comfort and a casual feel to any outfit. To keep out the glare, and add some flair (I got the rhymes, ha), I threw on my Fendi cat-eyed sunglasses - adding some girly glam to my look with their pinkish multi-colored lens and diamond-studded frame.

// Yves Salomon Hooded Coat // featured Yves Salomon coat is no longer available // similar coat linked

// Vince Trousers

// Rag & Bone Classic T-shirt

// Common Projects Velcro Sneakers

// Fendi Cat-Eyed Sunglasses

Well there ya have it! Style transitions don’t have to be confusing OR awkward!…they can be super-duper fun - especially when anything colorful or furry is involved. So, get out there and find the perfect fun faux fur that works for you and your style…

We’ll give you a head start….see below 'Faux Furs We Love' for a variety of colorful furs that are on trend right now. All of these can also be found on our 'Shop' page!!

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Hope you enjoy this post and our brand new 'Looks for Less' feature! :)

FINALLY - HAPPY FRIDAY! Wishing everyone the most wonderful of weekends! 

Faux Furs We Love 

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