NYC is currently in 'polar vortex mode' which reminds us that winter is officially here and so are the holidays!!! The holiday season, while quite cold, is also full of lots of fun events and parties celebrating this special time of the year, from ugly sweater get-together's to fancy cocktail soirees, this social season def requires certain holiday fashion looks. It's important to remember that even at a holiday 'ugly sweater party', it's very much possible to look stylish n' hip ;) Today, we sport our different takes on holiday outfits that could be worn to a variety of different holiday events....i.e. a fun NYC holiday brunch with friends, an intimate (yet fancy) holiday gathering, or a nice holiday dinner out with family. These outfits are versatile in their own ways and are two examples of how to look hip during the holidays. BTW, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!! <3 



I went with a sort of gothic vibe for my holiday look, wearing a beautiful turtleneck maxi dress in blue velvet with a flowy bottom from Nasty Gal - my favorite detail of the dress being the red strip of fabric that goes down the side. Another cool detail of this dress: there are thumbholes on the hands of it (look closely at the pics) and for some reason I am randomly obsessed with ANY item of clothing that has holes for my thumbs. This aspect of the dress, also gives it a unique and somewhat casual feel. The details of the dress add the perfect amount of holiday vibes with the blue shimmer of the velvet fabric and the deep red strip down the side, incorporating two major colors involved in the holiday season...not to mention a fabric, velvet, that is often also incorporated with the holidays (also shimmery stuff). 

I decided to sport this look in a fancier way and dressed it up with my black suede Louis Vuitton peep toe high heels - my go-to shoes for any classy or fancy event, especially when black shoes are a must. Suede is also a fabric I tend to find especially appropriate during the holidays. With these shoes and this stunning dress I consider my holiday outfit perfect and complete. I love how my look is effortless, but also feels sophisticated. Finally, I love how the gothic aspect of my outfit made me feel sort of "out of this era", I love experiencing this when wearing an outfit, especially around the holidays. Sometimes I honestly wish that we all still dressed *key word: DRESSED* as if we were living in the Victorian times...ha...I just love the elegance.

// Nasty Gal Blue Velvet Turtleneck Maxi Dress

// Louis Vuitton Black Suede Peep Toe Heels // featured heels are no longer available // similar Christian Louboutin peep toe heels linked



I went with a slightly more casual and feminine looking vibe for my holiday outfit look. Pairing my comfy grey Endless Rose sweater with beautifully exaggerated sleeves with a quite flashy half sequin, half velvet asymmetrical Preen by Thornton Bregazzi pink skirt - the perfect contrast of casual and fancy paired into one look that gives off wonderful holiday vibes. I LOVE THE DETAILS OF THIS SKIRT. Like Soph said, velvet is a fabric that reminds me of the holidays, and sequins do too! Also, the color silver, or anything metallic for that matter, reminds me of the holidays as well! That being said, I finished off my holiday look with my silver/metallic Coach tassel loafer heels, they are SO perfect for the holidays but are also sadly from last year's collection, but the Chelsea boots from this year's Coach collection are slightly comparable :) Like Soph, I love how effortless my look is and that I was able to wear a comfy sweater but also look fancy and girly at the same time. LOVE the holidays and the fashion that comes with it!

// Endless Rose Exaggerated Sleeve Sweater

// Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Pink Velvet & Sequin Skirt // featured skirt is no longer available // similar J. Crew pink sequin skirt linked // similar pink sequin H&M skirt linked

// Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Pink Sequin Dress

// Coach Metallic Tassel Loafer Heels // featured heels are no longer available // similar metallic loafers linked // similar Jimmy Choo metallic heels linked

// Coach Chelsea Boots




So if ya haven’t already, be sure to go out and get your holiday outfit shopping ON for any upcoming holiday festivities that you may have on your calendar. Be sure to check out below and our Shop page to shop our featured looks and for some other holiday looks that we absolutely love! Stay warm out there!!!