Ankle socks with shoes...ankle socks that are visible through or with shoes...YES people, it is actually a current trend...refer back to the many pics of the fashionistas attending the shows of this past NYFW 2016 (& other cities' fashion weeks, too) - not to mention the models on the runway - if you don't believe us! Maybe the trend is a a little out there and bizarre to some, but nonetheless, it is currently a booming trend, and certainly not one that is too out there for us :) We love it. 

Check out the different ankle we sported with completely different outfit style vibes. We hope this post ROCKS YOUR SOCKS OFF! 



Sometimes, ya just gotta OWN YOUR STYLE. People may stare at you like you're cray for wearing something eccentric but since when has anyone cared what other people think? (HA) All that matters is how you FEEL! You are numbaaaa 1. Soooo...for today's post, I was feelin’ a little whacky & wanted to wear something super eccentric and sexy with my ankle socks looks…so I chose a pretty 'out of the box' look & I owned it, I went for it, it was great :) Feelin’ supaa sexy up-top, but don’t worry, this is a ‘BLAZER romper’ ...so, it's automatically appropriate (right?). I luh-luh-luh-love the simultaneously sexy and sophisticated way that this outfit makes me look & feel. I wanted my sock look to be dramatic and also on the fancier side (with a dose of fun) and I personally think I accomplished this with what I decided to sport.

My Nasty Gal "No Tux Given" blazer romper with it’s revealing chest area made my look super dramatic & sexy, my Saint Laurent candy bow black velvet platform sandals added to the fancy vibe that I was goin' for, while the blazer aspect of my outfit (even if it isssss a short blazer romper) added a little sophistication to the look. Perfection. Finally, adding that dose of fun to my outfit...my AWESOME Topshop star printed ankle socks worn under the STUNNING Saint Laurent candy bow platforms. I love how fun these printed socks look with these shoes and the solid blazer romper. Can’t wait to keep rocking ankle socks in dramatic & less dramatic ways throughout the season!  P.S. How awesome is the name of my Nasty Gal blazer romper!?  No tux given indeed ;)

// Topshop Colorful Star Socks // featured socks is no longer available // similar Topshop star socks linked

// Nasty Gal 'No Tux Given' Black Blazer Romper // featured romper is no longer available // similar blue blazer romper linked // similar DKNY blazer romper linked

// Saint Laurent Candy Bow Velvet Platform Sandals



I went with a slightly more practical ankle sock look than Soph did, wearing quite a versatile, and less dramatic outfit, that can be worn for many different occasions. I could wear this look to work, out to dinner with my friends or family, on a date, or just for a relaxing day strolling around the city! I sported a pair Marni checked cotton ankle socks, which complemented my adorable Dorateymur telephone studded suede pumps with a black & white theme. Then, I wore my coveted black Reformation top (thick choker attached to top) tucked into a the beautifully embroidered embroidered The Kooples denim skirt. I love how I was able to put so many different pieces together for this look and that all the different pieces put together looked so fab. I'm certainly all about this ankle sock trend, especially for the Fall season.... and while I love the way Soph styled her ankle socks with a very eccentric look...I showed off my usual flirty, feminine, and classy vibes with this versatile, everyday ankle sock look. 

// The Reformation Piper Top

// The Kooples Embroidered Denim Skirt

// Marni Checked Cotton Socks

// Dorateymur Telephone Studded Suede Pumps




It's time to whip out those ankle socks and wear them in a way like you've never sported them before. Step outside your "sock" comfort zone ;) We promise, it's fun. Be sure to check out below & our Shop page to shop our featured looks & to see some other stupendous ankle socks we've been eyeing!  

Wishing everyone the bestest October weekend!! & Happy Birthday to Soph, who turns 24 Friday!!!! & HAPPY FRIDAY! 


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