We've had our eyes on certain brand (both women's & men's) for some time now and we're seriously crushing! It doesn't help that they have a retail store RIGHT around the corner from Sophie's apartment, HA. If you have not heard of them yet, you are totally missing out! We're talking about Scotch & Soda!

Why we love the brand? The brand originated in Amsterdam, which is cool, and all of their clothing is rich in detail and is made of the highest quality of fabrics with super trendy finishing touches such as the bright yellow fur trim on Sophie’s statement coat and the large gold metallic stars on Charlotte’s statement coat. It is a fun affordable brand that makes pieces that really stand out from other brands!  In today's post, we're focusing on one particular article of Scotch & Soda clothing - their beautiful statement coats. Check out how we sport two STUNNING statement coats from Scotch & Soda...



I'm not even going to lie...this Scotch & Soda pink plaid, yellow fur collared, oversized coat is the most AMAZING coat that I have ever far...(sorry other coats!). I will never forget the day that I first saw this coat in the window of the Scotch & Soda store right in my neighborhood. I knew it had to be mine right away. This coat is a combination of all of my favorite things...plaid print, pink color, and a pop of bright faux fur on the collar. It's simply perrrrrrrfect!

I wore a white sweater underneath my coat and paired it with my amazingly and excessively ripped/distressed Rag & Bone 'Dre' jeans, giving my look an edgy feel & also making my look even more busy, mixing the vibrant pattern of the coat with the distressed pants. I threw my hair up in a pony tail, to really show off the beautiful yellow collar of the coat and finished off my look with a pair of adorable Stuart Weitzman tan suede back-tie booties and a pair of my go-to Wildfox 'Steff' sunglasses with a pink tinted frame to match the pink color of my coat :) LOVE my look & LOVE Scotch & Soda.

// Scotch & Soda Pink Plaid Coat with Yellow Collar // featured coat is no longer available // similar Scotch & Soda statement coat linked

// Rag & Bone 'Dre' Distressed Jeans // similar Rag & Bone distressed jeans linked

// Stuart Weitzman Grandiose Back-Tie Suede Block Heel Booties

// Wildfox Pink Framed 'Steff' Mirrored Sunglasses



I absolutely love my trendy & unique Scotch & Soda star printed leather jacket - adoring it maybe just as much as Sophie adores her beloved pink plaid coat, ha. The large metallic stars really make the jacket stand out and set it apart from any regular leather jacket. This jacket can be worn throughout the year no matter the season and it's oversized look allows for several layers underneath, which I LOVE. I decided to pair my fantastic jacket with an all black look giving my outfit a causal yet dressy vibe and also making my jacket the main focus of my look. All black always looks stylish and really is a great backdrop for a statement jacket like my Scotch & Soda one!! When in doubt, go with all black ;)

I wore my black frayed skinny BLANCNYC jeans with exaggerated fringe on the bottom, adding the perfect amount of flair! So cute and fun paired with my jacket! Then, under the jacket, I wore a sheer black turtleneck by Trois, which I wear all the time recently because it looks good & is also so cozy to wear during these chilly transitional days. I finished off my look with a pair of simple Sam Edelmen black 'Campbell' booties. I really wanted to keep my look streamlined so that my statement jacket would be the focus of my outfit!! A cool jacket, with a fun design, is a great way to make a simple look extra special! Scotch & Soda is a brand we LOVE for amazing products (and in today's case, jacket's) that are always on point <3 

// Scotch & Soda Star Printed Leather Jacket // featured coat is no longer available // similar Scotch & Soda leather statement jacket linked // similar BLANCNYC leather statement jacket linked

// BLANCNYC Black Frayed Skinny Jeans

// Trois Sheer Black Turtleneck

// Sam Edelemen Black 'Cambpell' Booties


Make sure that Scotch & Soda is on your brand radar ASAP, especially as we enter the Spring fashion season. This applies for BOTH MEN & WOMEN. Ladies, if you're looking to upgrade your man's wardrobe - Scotch & Soda is definitely a place you should check out ;) Even though the amazing statement coats that we are wearing in today's post are no longer available, they serve as two examples of how awesome & unique the Scotch & Soda product actually is. Be sure to check out below & our Shop page to shop our featured looks and to check out other {currently available for sale} Scotch & Soda looks that we love!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!! xoxo 











Charlotte and Sophie


Surprise, surprise! The NYC weather is being very indecisive once again. Almost 60 degrees & sunny one day with big snowstorms the next...we can't keep up! Thank the heavens for transitional outfits during these transitional weather/seasonal periods. Check out how we each sport our own warm, statement coats worn over not-so-warm outfits underneath...providing the perfect look for transitional weather :) Decked out in bright colors, like rainbow & orange, we're dreaming of permanent warmer days to come!!! Check it out...



There are no words to describe how obsessed I am with my Jocelyn 'The Marmalade" multi-colored patchwork coat. I think it is most definitely the most amazing/fun fun coat that has ever been made or worn...definitely the most amazing/fun coat that I own! When I wear this jacket, I feel like I am back in the 70's, and I LOVE It. When out and about in this coat, it definitely sets me apart from the crowd and makes a statement with its bright colored patchwork. This coat is great dressed up or down and it's a piece that know I will have in my closet forever - this coat is timeless, I will never get tired of it. It wasn't hard to figure out what to pair with my beautiful statement piece.

Underneath, I wore a pair of my favorite black denim stretchy skinny jeans, my AGOLDE 'Sophie' black denim skinny jeans (side note: how funny that SOPHIE is the name of this jean type, hehe, they were clearly made for me, LOVE IT!). Next, I wore my comfy & versatile metallic loafers, my go-to Komono 'Vivien' round sunglasses (probably my favorite sunglasses ever), and finally an awesome & edgy black velvet Choked by a Thread choker with metal holes in it, the 'Grommet' velvet choker to top the entire outfit off! I absolutely loved my look!!! - felt like I was a character out of the movie Almost Famous 8-) In my dreams...ha! 

// Jocelyn 'The Marmalade' Multi-Colored Coat // similar DVF multi-colored coat linked

// AGOLDE 'Sophie' Black Denim Skinny Jeans

// Zara Metallic Loafers // featured Zara loafers are no longer available // similar Michael Kors Metallic Pointed Penny Loafers linked

// Komono 'Vivien' Sunglasses

// Choked by a Thread Grommet Velvet Choker



For my statement coat I chose a vibrant orange coat in cozy teddy bear wool by Topshop. I love this coat not only for its amazing color but also for its classic and simple look. It is such a simple coat in theory, but the color is what makes it special, what makes it noticeable and fashionable - it can add style to any outfit it's paired with, Although this coat looks great with any outfit, in today's post, I decided to pair it with a simple underneath look, very similar to Soph's. Underneath my statement coat, I wore a pair of black leather leggings to give my look a more casual feel. 

I love to use a coat as a signature piece because a coat ties together a look and bright colors are fantastic for the transition from cold temps & snow to warmer days full of sun! I finished off my look with my unique & stunning Miu Miu lace up ballet flats. I absolutely adore these and know I will be wearing them a ton throughout the Spring and into the Spring. I love this simple look paired with my bold orange statement coat.

// Topshop Orange Wool Coat // featured Topshop coat is no longer available // similar DVF orange coat linked // another similar J.Crew Collection orange coat linked

// J.Crew Black Leather Leggings

// Miu Miu Lace Up Ballet Flats




There's nothing like your favorite statement coat to get you through those days when you reeeeally want to look cute, but have absolutely no idea what to wear & a very short amount of time to figure it out - ahem, getting ready for hungover weekend brunches with the ladies...or the gents. The good new is, all you need to do is throw on that statement coat, wear a pair of simple black jeans or leggings, your favorite flats, sunglasses (if you're feeling it) & you are GOOD TO GO!!! This simple, yet stylin', look is 100% as must have we transition from Winter into Spring! We're dreaming of rainbows & orange colors on this gloomy, snowy day in NYC.

Be sure to check out below & our Shop page to shop our featured looks and to check out some other {dreamy} statement coats - both solid & printed - that we absolutely love for this season! Wishing everyone a marvelous weekend!! Stay warm!! Xoxo <3 







Charlotte and Sophie


We love our denim….if you know us, you know this. That being said, finding the perfect denim pieces is not always an easy task. When it comes to denim, we know we can always count on Topshop denim, especially with the beautiful denim styles the brand has come out with for this Spring season! That's why we are dedicating today's post not only to Topshop, but to Topshop's amazing DENIM pieces! Sporting transitional and casual looks, check out how we each styled our individual looks around our Topshop denim in different ways....



The Topshop denim collection is on fiyaaaaa (fire) this season! In today's post, I'm sporting a pair of their awesome printed jeans, not your everyday pair of jeans with the color of the denim and style of the pants. I chose to wear a dark wash denim and high-waisted pair of Topshop 'mom' jeans for my Topshop denim look. I'm obsessed with the oriental/tiger/floral print on the right bottom side of the jeans and wanted this print and my jeans to be the main focus and statement of my outfit so I paired them with a neutral color, beige/camel - wearing a light beige, kinda ivory colored Topshop turtleneck light ribbed sweater tucked into my jeans in the front, and a pair of adorable camel colored Topshop heeled "sock" boots. I wore my hair up in a pony tail, keeping out of my face in the wind, and finished off my look with a pair of gold hoop earrings, spicing it up a little bit. My Topshop denim look is the perfect transitional look as we slowly exit the Winter season and start to enter the Spring season. 

// Topshop MOTO Tiger Embroidered Mom Jeans

// Topshop Variated Ribbed Knit Turtleneck Sweater

// Topshop HOLLYWOOD Sock Boots

// Topshop Gold Hoop Earrings



I chose to go with a less transitional look than Sophh and a more Springy Topshop denim outfit. I love the way Topshop jeans fit no matter what design season and love the fact that I can rock them during any season! For my Topshop denim look I wore a pair of Topshop indigo dark washed ripped jeans and cuffed the bottom so that they looked shorter. I love, love, LOVE ripped jeans....I think a pair of ripped jeans makes any outfit look trendy. I love the placement of the rips in this particular pair of jeans, and I also love the color of the denim. I paired my look with an adorable pale pink floral Topshop 'Plisse' print ruffle top, that I know I will wear all the time during the upcoming Spring season. The color and print of this top are so girly and added a real feminine vibe with my ripped & baggy jeans. Anything floral is tendy for the months ahead so this top is perfect for this time of the year! I wore my Topshop embroidered floral print ankle boots with the cuffed jeans, adding more prints & floral vibes to my outfit. Just LOVE these boots and love how they add a pop of fun to the look. I finished my look with an army green trench coat that I could fling over my shoulders and wear in case I was chilly, since the weather is still very transitional and Spring is not here yet...but it will be soon, I can't wait :) 

// Topshop MOTO Indigo Super Rip Lucas Jeans

// Topshop Plisse Floral Ruffle Top

// Topshop MADAME Embroidery Floral Print Ankle Boots

// Topshop Green Trench Coat




In our eyes, there's no other denim like Topshop's and no other brand that offers the endless trends and outfit options that Topshop's denim collection does. Get your hands on your Topshop denim for the Spring and transitional season we are currently in when it comes to fashion. Be sure to check out below & our Shop page to shop our featured Topshop looks and for other Topshop denim looks we love :) 





Charlotte and Sophie


Hi all!!!....even though it's already March (where is the time going!?!), we'd like to share one of our favorite experiences from this past New York fashion week/this past Valentine's Day. We were lucky enough to spend our day of love amongst an audience enchanted by the Autumn 2017 Coach collection, displayed during Coach's NYFW show at Pier 76 on February 14th. The phenomenal runway display is just another example of Coach's creative director, Stuart Vever's, mind blowing talent and was also a reminder of the rebranding that Coach has gone through and is still going through. How beautiful it is to be part of the process of watching a brand evolve...



// Coach Pin Leather Jacket // featured jacket is no longer available // similar Coach jacket linked

// Coach Western Maxi Dress // featured dress is no longer available // similar Coach dress linked

// Coach Cut Out Metallic Creepers

// Coach Beasts 'Rexy' Wristlet


// Coach Shearling Coat

// Coach Leather Shorts

// Coach Reversible Floral Varsity Jacket

// Coach Black Urban Hikers



As described by Coach:

"The latest collection from Stuart Vevers juxtaposes the romance of the great American outdoors with early New York hip-hop...The prairie meets the city: dreamy floral print dresses and feminine ruffled skirts are worn under leather motos and varsity jackets...Very “Coach” colors—rich and warm tans and browns infused with pale yellow—are mixed with lilac and winter white." (Coach)


There are TOO many amazing looks from this show to choose from but check out our TOP 10 favorite looks from the runway, in no particular order:


Bravo, Stuart, you’ve wowed us all once again!!! (insert emoji clapping hands here) We are especially obsessed with the unique prints & fabrics in this beautiful new collection...Fall can't come soon enough! 

Check out below & our Shop page to shop our featured Coach looks and some other Coach looks that we love right now! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, stay warm if you're going to be in NYC!!!! 





Charlotte and Sophie